Amniocentisis attempt 1

So the day has arrived for my amniocentesis. I have hated the last few weeks. The period of not knowing something is horrible and I would never want anyone to have to go through the same. I felt like the only thing that stopped me going crazy was being at work during the day and spending time on google in the evenings. Looking up everything that can happen during an amnio, watching videos of the procedure on youtube, checking the symptoms of miscarriage to prepare myself. I even intensely looked up the lab procedure they do to analyse the cells that are taken.

The appointment had been booked for 9am which I was so grateful for, because it meant I wasn’t sat there at home for hours waiting. I just wanted to get it over and done with so I could go home and spend the rest of the day relaxing. Sat in the waiting room I was quite nervous but I tried not to show it. My husband is really squeamish so I didn’t want to freak him out by showing that I was scared as well. We were called through and sat down with the fetal medicine consultant who introduced herself and her assistants which consisted of a midwife and a technician, all of which were lovely people and made the atmosphere very calm and welcoming.

The consultant went through all the results that I had had and explained what they all meant. She did however say that in her opinion the Iona results were more like a 50/50 chance of the baby having Down's syndrome as there was a chance I could have confined placental mosaisism and that if I was say 40 years old then she would be more likely to say the opposite. This filled me with a little hope. Anyway, she asked me to hop on to the bed and she would do a quick ultrasound scan to check how far along I was as it was the earliest they could do an amnio and that if she felt it was too early she would not be dong the procedure. So she started the scan and within seconds said to me

“I wont be doing the procedure today”.

On the scan she could see that amnion had not yet fused with the chorion. In early pregnancy these two structures are separate but fuse from around 14 weeks to form the sac that the baby then lives in for the remainder of the pregnancy. If these two are not fused it greatly increases the risk of miscarriage hence why the consultant would not do the procedure. She said she could do another procedure called a CVS (chorionic villus sampling) which is where they take some cells from the placenta and analyse those. But in my case she thought it would be pointless as if it came back positive I would still need to have an amniocentesis, plus this procedure is done vaginally (no thanks). I agreed with her and she recommended to make an appointment for a weeks time to have another go. While I was there though she said she might as well have a good look at the baby and do a few measurements to see if she could see anything amiss. So she started the scan working from head to toe taking measurements and going through what she was seeing on the screen with us. She then said

“Do you want to know the sex”

to which I was quite surprised, I was only 15 weeks and I thought most people found out at the 20 weeks scan so it was too early to tell considering her measurement had estimated the baby only weighed 100g. She said yes she could see quite easily as I turned to the screen and could see for myself quite clearly that my baby was a little boy just as she said...

I looked over at my husband and he took hold of my hand and with huge smile on his face mouthed to me “its a boy”. He looked so happy. I wanted to cry. The consultant finished her measurements and checked my placenta. Then when she was done she wrote up her report. I asked her if she could see anything amiss at this stage and she said so far what she had seen all looked normal which was a relief. Although all the measurements were a little below normal which made her think maybe I was a little behind what they thought from the dating scan. She printed off another picture for me which I was not expecting as you usually have to pay for scan pictures. This time he looked like a real baby and not an alien. A perfectly formed little face profile in black and white. Now that we knew he was a boy it immediately became so much more real and we knew there was no way we could get rid of this little one. He had a personality already, seeing him bounce around on the little screen. We also had come to a decision on a boys name the day before so we had a name and a face to put it to now. He was my little boy and I would take him however he came.