The Cake Police

28 weeks has come around quite quickly. I feel soooooooo much better. The sickness has stopped and it was literally overnight. I woke up one morning at around 19 weeks and it wasn’t until halfway through my breakfast that I realised I had felt hungry and not nauseous. This was a turning point. No more sickness and food tasted great again. Unfortunately with the hunger came the greediness. I wanted to eat everything and at work there is often cake for various reasons and my work colleagues call me

The cake police

I took this role very seriously from 20 weeks onwards. I would have cake at 8am when I arrived and then a slice for every available break time. If there was cake in the building i would sniff it out in a millisecond and guard it with my life. It was inevitable that I would make up the weight I had lost and then add quite bit on top of that. Along with this excessive cake intake came reflux. I think I had a week after the sickness before reflux and heart burn kicked in. After a quick check with my midwife I took to downing Gaviscon and Rennie tablets and although they did give immediate relief it was short lasting and I would spend most of the day feeling like I could breath fire.

As well as these symptoms I had been getting regular Braxton hicks contractions. I did not know what they were to start with and thought it was the baby stretching out or rolling over but when I noticed my tummy going rock hard I looked it up. Braxton hicks are like practice contractions. They don’t hurt and its your uterus limbering up for the big day. To me they felt like a tightening in my tummy but with no pain but they really made me need to pee. As the weeks went on they got stronger and more often but never in the pattern they tell you to look for with early labour. I would get maybe three or four in a row and then nothing for hours. Anyway on to the 28 weeks scans. Same as always arrive check in and wait. I went through and the consultant went over what she was going to do and then started the scan. It did not take long and she told me everything seemed normal. He still has short femurs and his estimated weight was just over 2lb. This all appeared great. The consultant then talked to me about a research project that she was involved with that she would like me to take part in. This was a study looking into why people with Down’s syndrome have an increased risk of developing leukaemia. The study involved a sample of blood from the placenta being taken after birth and sending off to the university hospital nearby. I was happy to take part in this as my placenta was going to end up in the bin anyway so why not use it for some good. So I filled in some forms giving consent and some background information about me for the study. I was then given a box with blood sample collection tubes and instructions which I was to give to the midwives during delivery. The consultant then decided that she did not need to see me until 35 weeks for a growth scan, which I took at a good sign.

Then Wednesday again we travel to Oxford for a repeat of heart scan from 20 weeks. The consultant repeated the scan and this time again it all seems fine. She feels that there is possibly a small hole in the wall between the two atria. She couldn’t be sure and she said she could not convince herself whether it was there or not and if there is a hole then it most likely will close by its self and not cause him any problems at all. This is great news. She said that she didn’t need to see me again but that the baby should have a heart exam when he is born but that it would not be urgent. I guess we have a lot of appointments to look forward to when he finally arrives.